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The beautiful city of Dewas falls under Ujjain Revenue Division of Madhya Pradesh. Famous for Goddess Chamunda, Dewas is endowed with natural beauty with number of tourist attractions like the Khivni Sanctuary, Chattries of Dewas, Meetha Talab Dewas, etc. which mesmerise the visitors coming to the town. Dewas is an important industrial town which is well connected by rail, air and road routes. Be it the natural beauty of Khindvi Sanctuary with its amazing wildlife or the religious ambiance of Chamunda temple to the historic Chattries of Dewas, the city has something for everyone. Tourists coming to the Dewas are enchanted by the culture, tourist places & scenic beauty of the city as well as the warm hospitality the people of the city. So do plan a trip to Dewas with friends & family and explore the many wonders the city has to offer.

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Dewas TourismBeing located in the central part of India the summer season is quiet hot and not the best time to visit the city. The months from October to March when the heat wave has receded is the best time to come & explore the city of Dewas

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Famous Tourist Destinations In & Around Dewas

Gidya Khoh

Dewas city of Madhya Pradesh is a place filled with natural beauty & rich history enchanting the visitors coming to this palce. Gidya Khoh is a unique amalgamation of man-made wonders & nature and is situated on the Indore-Nemawar road. Khudel Devta is a respected deity of the tribal people inhabiting this forest region with an idol enshrined here. On every Poornima (Full Moon Night) and on Amawasya (Lunar Conjunction) the tribal people gather at this place to pay homage to Khudel Devta and rejoice & dance seeking his blessings. A beautiful & spectacular waterfall falls from the top of the hill at a height of above 600 feet and is surrounded by an attractive lush green valley. During the rainy season the place has an unmatched beauty and a pollution free envoirment attracting a number of tourists again and again to this palce.

Explore Wildlife at Kheoni Sanctuary

Wildlife in Dewas

Established in the year 1955 the Kheoni Wild life Sanctuary is situated in Dewas District of Madhya Pradesh. Covered with rich & dry deciduous forest, consisting mainly of teak & bamboo trees the sanctuary is a natural paradise. A wide variety of flora & fauna can be found in the sanctuary with different species of animals like chital, sambar, blue bull, antelope, wild boar and barking deer inhabiting the sanctuary. Bird lovers will not be disappointed as the sanctuary boosts of an amazing variety of regular and migratory birds. The administration has developed a number of tourists' spots for visitors, so that people coming here can enjoy the beauty of the place. Pilgrims also visit the place twice or thrice in a year to take a dip in the holy 'Bal-Ganga' flowing in the forest of Khivni and pay homage at the ancient Shiv temple in the village. The Shiv temple has ancient idols of the god and goddess attracting religiously inclined to the place again and again.

Pawar Chattries

The everlasting symbols Maratha architecture, The Chattries of Dewas are located near the Meetha Talaab. One is mesmerised with its magnificent & powerful presence and are a living statement of royal might of the Pawar Kings. A architecture to marvel at the Chattries of Dewas offer us a glimpse of the majestic life of an era gone by, filled with splendour and the royalty of the kings.

Kavadia Hills

Located nearly 10 km from Bagli HQ near Dharaji, Kavadia Hills are seven hills of the same type formed by joining of lakhs of stone pillars. These pillars are of various shapes & sizes like triangular, rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal etc. and are interlocked to form hills. One may assume that the stones are manmade and appear to be carved by human beings; as per Hindu mythology it is believed that during the Mahabharata period the Great Bheem created these structures to alter the way of Narmada River to ful-fill a vow. Since then these stones pillars are presumed to be lying here and form these hills. But if scientific reasons are considered the hills were formed as a result of Volcano eruption. Historians & scientist also consider the Kavadia Hills as the eighth wonder of the World. Another interesting fact is that on striking these stone pillars a sound metal pillars comes out.

Chamunda Tekri

Chamunda Tekri in Dewas

Dewas city lies at the foot of a conical hill popularly known as the Chamunda Tekri or Hill of Goddess Chamunda. Rising above 300 feet above the ground level, the town of Dewas derives its name from the hill meaning Devi - vashini or Goddess Residence. A serene place it has two main shrines one of goddess Choti Mata (Chamunda Mata) and the other is of Badi Mata (Tulja Bhavani Mata) who are believed to be sisters. Situated at the top of the hill is a temple with the image of the goddess carved in the rocky wall of a cave. A flight of stone steps takes the visitors coming here to pay homage to the top of the hill.

Mahakaleshwar Bilawali Temple

For the devotees another place of attraction in Dewas is the temple of Lord Shiva called Mahakaleshwar in Bilavali village, situated on the Agra Bombay Road nearly 3 kms North of Dewas. The temple has a unique Shivling and it is believed that the size of the Shivling increases every year. On the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivratri a fair is organized every year which is flocked by hundreds of people from the neighbouring towns & villages.

Siddheshwar Mahadev Temple

Tourist places in DewasSituated on the banks of Narmada River is the Siddheshwar Mahadev temple which was built during the time of the Parmaras of Malwa. The temple comprises of a Shrine, Sabha-Mandapa and Porch. Decorated with a cluster of miniature Shikaras, and a Paramedical roof over the mandapa.

Kela Devi Temple

Dewas Kela Devi temple is the biggest Kela Devi temple in MP. The temple was built by built by South Indian Artists during ancient times. A white marble gate adorns the temple and is one of the most attractive feature of the temple. During the occasion of Chaitra Navaratri every year a very big Mela or fair is held here attracting devotees from all parts of the country.

Mahadev Temple (Shankar Garh)

This temple was built by the Dewas Ruler - Shrimant Sadashive Rao Maharaja (Khase Saheb) who also holds the credit of being the founder of Girijesher Temple. Constructed in the year 1942 the road of this temple was built after a lot of difficulty by cutting the hills at that time. It is believed that a number of great Hindu religious Sants and Mahatmas used to stay here and impart religious teachings to the residents of Dewas City. Now the temple is a must visit pace for anyone coming to the holy city of Dewas.


Located on the Narmada River Banks, in the Dharaji village of Bagli Tehsil, Dharaji is an important religious & historic place. The River Narmada creates a beautiful waterfall giving it a natural beauty. The Pindies of Lord Shiva (Shivlings) here are said to be so pious that they do not require any Pran Pratishtha before being established at any worship place. On the occasion of Amawasya, twice in a year hundredes of people come here to pay homage and seek the blessings of Shiva. It is believed that a visit to this temple protects you from all the evil powers.

Swami Vishnu Teerth & Swami Narayan Teerth Dev

Dewas city has the honour of being blessed with the divine & religious presecence of many renowned saints; Sheelnath Maharaj is one of them. Swamiji belonged to a rich & royal of family of Jaipur, but he was not interested in worldly affairs. He renounced the materialistic things and did continuous Yog Sadhana for a period of 36 years. On passing through the forest region of Dewas, he was mesmerised by the natural & peaceful environment and he decided to live in Dewas only. Judge Balwant Rao Bapu & the then State authority Malhar Rao Pawar welcomed him and provided him with basic facilities. Till his demise in 1921 hundreds of people in Dewas were blessed with his Ashirwad and listensed to his preaching’s about the true path of life. Today also hundreds of followers visit this place to learn more about his life & gain wisom.

Shri Manibhadra Veer Temple

The holy Jain pilgrimage Shivpur, popularly known as Shri Manibhadra Veer Shvetamber Jain Meditation and devotion Center is located in Matmor Village of Dewas district. Shri Veer Ratna Vijayji Maharaj Sab locates established a chariot shaped temple in the year 1991, in the presence of hundreds of devotees. One can find a library, an Old Age Center, Pantry & Residence for Jain Teachers, Rest Rooms for Pilgrims, Manuscripts of Old Poetry, Astrological Healing Methods in form of Manuscripts, Free Food, etc. at this place for the convenience of the devotees. Engulfed in a natural & serene environment the pilgrims can listen to the sermons of Shri Veer Ratna Vijayji Maharaj Sab.

Grace Church

Built in the year 1928, the Grace Church is a historic church in Dewas where the Christian people come to offer their prayers. His Highness the Maharaja Mallhar Rao Panwar the then ruler granted the Christians land as well as money to construct their own place of worship, and thus this serene & beautiful church was built. Professor J. W. Johary, prepared the blue prints and played a key role in the construction & maintenance of the church. As per historians Rev. G. William from the period of 1917 to 1938 was the first ordained Minister of the Grace Church. Today also a trip to Dewas is incomplete without a visit to this church.

Many other places of religious importance are present in Dewas like the Datta Mandir, Gurudwara on AB Road and Kassabban, Kali & Shahi Jama Masjids where people of different religions go and pray to seek God’s blessings. Dewas city is thus a perfect example of unity in diversity. Majestic gates like Sayaji Gate, Shukrawaria Gate, Pathan Kuan Gate and Nahar Darwaza form the important landmarks of Dewas giving it an unique aura and beauty.

How to reach Dewas ?

Tour and Travel to Dewas

As part of Western India Railways, Dewas Junction (DWX) is an important Railway station, connecting Dewas to many other cities. A number of trains ply to & fro from the Dewas bringing visitors to the city. Dewas lies on the National Highway No. 3 (Agra Bombay Road- NH3) and is well-connected to other parts of the country. National & State Highways like NH 86 and Dewas-Bhopal Corridor also connect Dewas to other major cities like Bhopal, Indore, etc. Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport in Indore, situated at a distance of about 40 km is the nearest airport to Dewas. Many National & International airlines operate regular flights from Indore helping the tourists reach Dewas from all parts of the world. Tourists & buissness travellers coming to Dewas can choose from easily available local transportation like buses, rickshaws and autos to wander about in the city.

Where to stay in Dewas ?

Finding a suitable accommodation will not be a problem if you are planning a trip to the holy city of Dewas, with a number of Hotels & Guest houses present in the city. One can choose the hotels as per their budget & accommodation requirements, though it is always advised to opt for a reputed hotel. While going for sight-seeing one can take directions from the courteous and always ready to help hotel-staff. Below is a list of some of the well-known Hotels in Dewas.

Hotel New Navrang
Address: 144, Chandra Shekhar Marg, Dewas H O, Near Shree Maya Hotel, Dewas - 455001

Indore Hotel
Address: Dewas H O, Purana Patti Bazar, Dewas - 455001
Contact: +(91)-9981198025

Hotel Shri Khedapati International
Address: 5 Kothi Road Civil Lines, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh
Contact: 07272 253 500

Hotel Sagar
Address: 19, Railway Station Road, Itawa, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh
Contact: 07272 221 500

Hotel Amar Villas
Address: 92, Chandra Shekher Azad Marg, Near Bus Stand, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh
Contact: 07272 222 138

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What to shop in Dewas ?

A visit to the holy city of Dewas is not complete without a shopping spree, be it the local handicrafts or garments there is a lot to choose from in this city. Visitors coming to the city throng the local bazaars and markets in Dewas to shop for things of their choice. The main markets of Dewas include Shrishti Market, Alankar Market and Shukarwaria Haat Bazaar where a number of shops are present, selling innumerable items at competitive prices. One can take a break during the shopping and grab a quick bite at the many eating joints and restaurants present in the bazars. So while in Dewas shop for your near & dear ones and have the time of your life.

Interested, plan a trip to the beautiful city of Dewas and get enchanted by its serene, natural & beautiful environment. One can marvel at the amazing wildlife & lush green forests of the Khioni Sanctuary or enjoy an adventure trip to the Kavadia Hills. After all the fun & frolic go and pay homage at the various religious & pilgrimage places present in the city. One can be rest assured that their stay in the city will be both comfortable & enjoyable with a choice of good hotels & restaurants, easy availability of local transportation and adequate security. A holiday trip which will not only give you and your family a unique & delightful experience but also motivate you to visit Dewas city again & again.

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